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Artist Biography




A native of Phoenix, Arizona, I attended Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. I’ve taught Art at both Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School in California and at Boyer Valley Community Schools in Dunlap, Iowa.


Growing up in the Southwest, I was steeped in the styles and aesthetics of such diverse artists like Paul Coze, R.C. Gorman, Ed Mell, John Nieto and Billy Schenk. As a teen I soaked up as much of the gallery scene in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley as I could. Like many teenagers I loved comics, but rather than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I gravitated to the alternative comics in the ‘New Times’ weekly of Bob Boze Bell.

I feel like I was deeply influenced by all of the Art faculty at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska especially Professor Reinhold Marxhausen. While a young teacher at Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School I was privileged to know Gerald Brommer is a world renown landscape watercolorist and Art educator. Brommer was a Seward grad that had begun his career at Lutheran High.

L.A. Lutheran graduate and Concordia professor, Richard Weigmann taught that artists seem to inherit an internal palette formed by where they grew up. I believe that as much as I love Iowa, California, and Nebraska, my palette no doubt, often reflects the rugged Arizona where I was raised.

I’ve got a double major in Art Education and History/Social Studies, which may be why I’m driven to paint portraits of historical figures. Whereas Georgia O’keefe inspired me to photograph flowers up close as if they’re interiors or sculptures, rather than small plants. I’m fascinated by early twentieth century artists that pioneered and experimented with art as an expressive and conceptual tool and not just representative.


  • Painting used for the cover of 2015 poetry anthology, ‘Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives About Multiculturalism and Diversity’ from University Professors Press, edited by Louis Hoffman and Nathaniel Granger Jr.
  • Member of the National Art Education Association and the Art Educators of Iowa since 2016
  • Artsonia’s annual Art Education Leadership Award in 2021 for “demonstration of outstanding leadership and innovation within the art education community.”


As a teacher, I believe that Art is in everyone and for everyone. I endeavor to challenge students to see differently and to think deliberately, emphasizing the principles of design, composition, and visual thinking skills. Art is integral if not foundational to all kinds of learning, not mere enrichment or distraction.

I’m committed to teaching just as I have been for the last thirty years, but I’ve always been open to side projects. Currently I’m considered the Artist in Residence for Crawford County Abstract, LLC. where I’ve been asked to create works both for the office and as gifts for customers. I’ve had illustration clients as far away as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Key West. I’ve drawn cartoons for regional weekly newspapers in Western Iowa.

I’ve got experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver and comparable substitutes. I’ll be glad to design your logo, business card, print or web ad, poster, or t-shirt. If you’d rather, I can consult with you about what will capture and hold the interest and direct the eye-flow of your customers.