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Grant us hearts to give

Sometimes sound theology & philosophy is found easier in the Hymnal than in the pulpit. Here’s a couple of examples from the Missouri Synod Lutheran hymnal no less, of God exhorting us toward more progressive, “left-wing” social action.


“Grant us hearts, dear Lord, to give You Gladly, freely of Your own, With the sunshine of Your goodness Melt our thankless hearts of stone Till our could and selfish natures, Warmed by You, at length believe and more blessed to give than to receive.

Wondrous honor You have given To our humblest charity In Your own mysterious sentence, ‘You have done it all to Me.’ deign for alms to sue, Saying by Your poor and needy. ‘Give as I have given to you’?” ~’Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us’ verses 2 & 3 LSB Hymn # 851


“As You, Lord, have lived for others, So may we for others live. Freely have Your gifts been granted; Freely may Your servants give. Your the gold and Yours the silver, Yours the wealth of land and sea; We but stewards of Your bounty Held in solemn trust will be.

Come O Christ, and reign among us, King of love and Prince of Peace; Hush the storm of strife and passion, Bi its cruel discords cease. By Your patient years of toiling, By Your silent hours of pain, Quench our fevered thirst of pleasure, Stem our selfish greed of gain.” ~’Son of God, Eternal Savior’ verses 2-3 LSB Hymn # 842