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Salty Dog

Only been working on this for 2-3 months. I think I’m finally satisfied with it, although no art is ever truly finished as they say. it’s a good 18×24 inches on nice thick sturdy watercolor paper. It started out gouache but has had lots of layers of spray acrylic sealer on top of both alcohol markers and pen and ink work, so I guess you’d have to call it “multimedia.” 

‘Salty Dog’ by Ted Mallory 18×24” multimedia on paper. c.2022, make offer

My alma mater, Concordia University, Nebraska (CUNE) were the bulldogs and while the last six years were pretty bumpy, I’m proud again to have been teaching as a Boyer Valley Bulldog for my 22nd year now.

So as much as I like it, I’m not sure what to do with it. Leave it in my classroom I guess. I’m tempted to enter it in the Iowa State Fair next Summer, but my ego is still a little bruised from having two paintings declined by them this last Summer.

Part of me wants to offer it to the Booster Club to auction off, but their annual Jersey Auction isn’t till next September or October and that’s a long time to wait.

I guess I’m willing to sell it even though my conceited primadonna artist ego would kinda like it hanging in some college or high school office in either Seward or Dunlap, I’m realistic enough to know that’s not likely to happen.

I know my style is kind of eccentric (esoteric, unusual?) and isn’t very likely to match anyone’s couch or drapes, and it’s not framed or under glass, but maybe there’s some fan of Georgia, Gonzaga, Yale, Drake, the Marine Corps or Fresno State out there who’d like a big painting of an English bulldog. I had planned on donating the proceeds to the Boyer Valley Art Department, but I’ll be honest, I hit a deer on the way to school a couple weeks ago and doubt the insurance company will pay enough for any decent used cars in today’s inflated market. But I promise that at least a portion of the proceeds will go to the Art Department. For more paint and poster board to paint on- if nothing else.

I could download one of the ads I’ve seen lately on how to price your art, but I suspect they’re all click-bait. Why don’t I just remind you that you’re not paying for the $30 watercolor paper pad or the $30 of paint, $60 markers, $1.95 pen and $3.95 clearcoat. You’re not even paying for the 2 1/2 months of time on and off, during lunch, planning period, after school & or occasionally during Painting class. You’re really paying for 29 years of Art teaching experience, 27 years of being a bulldog and 42 years since I made up my mind to be some kind of an artist. That, and whatever imagination, creativity, heart, soul & love you think I put into it.

Too expensive for ya? That’s fine. I’ll try not to think of it as “my stuff is too weird, nobody’d ever want to actually buy it” and think of it more like “dang, I like this, how could I ever bear to part with it?” and since I’d just keep it either hanging or in some drawer in my classroom, eventually when I die, get fired, or retire in 2035 (whichever comes first) it will be discovered by either my replacement, a custodian or some nosey kid and they’ll get it for free. That’s fine too.

For other ways to support the Boyer Valley Art Dept. just visit https://bvartdogs.wordpress.com/support-us

FYI- this blog post was way too long for Instagram or LinkedIn. If you buy this painting, I will print this off & tape it to the back.