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Help me with my ‘Side-Hussle’

After 30 odd years of teaching Art, I have nearly 200 artworks I’ve created as demonstration examples for my classes. I’m not near done teaching- but I can use digital copies for my examples now so I figured, why not make some room in my classroom drawers and maybe some extra money for art supplies while I’m at it.

I don’t have one central online gallery yet but if you either follow me on Instagram or are a former student, you may already have some favorites. If you go to https://maladjusted.us click on the ‘ART for Sale tab’ for a link to an index of titles. Some already have suggested prices but I’m open to “best reasonable offers.”

I don’t have Venmo or PayPal, so you’ll just have to mail a check.

OR, you can support the #BoyerValley Art Department instead of me and order prints or merchandise (instead of original artwork) from https://artsonia.com/gifts and search for the artist “MrMallory1” we need new Crayola markers anyway. Either route you go, thanks for your support. #buyart #buyfromartists #supportlivingartists #artteachersofinstagram

NOTICE; I’m offering my daughters “right of first refusal” to anything they don’t want me to sell and I have three graduating Seniors in Art classes this year that I might just be persuaded to either gift or deeply discount at least one item to each. Just so you know.