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Online Iowa Teaching Portfolio | ‘FACULTY LOUNGE’ BLOG POSTS

I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years. Both in a Lutheran school and a public school. Both in Los Angeles and in small town Iowa. Both Art and History/Social Studies, as well as publications and technology (Newspaper, Yearbook, & Web Design/HTML Coding).

I firmly believe that all of us should be life-long learners, no matter what our field. I hope I model that to my students by constantly being curious about new things, processing and considering what I learn, and sharing my discoveries with others. That’s the main purpose of this website.

I also believe in “Personal Learning Networks,” because you can always learn something from everyone you meet, no matter who they are. So, I hope you’ll feel free to leave comments on any of my pages or posts (so long as you’re not a troll). I also hope you’ll consider following this blog and following me elsewhere on social media, even if you’re not one of my students or their parents. Leave your comments there too (responsibly & civilly) so that we can learn from each other and connect as communities.

“You can’t teach in a vacuum. A good teacher relates the material to real life.” -Frank McCourt

‘Maladjusted’ Pod Cast

Atheist Prayer; or, A Theist’s Prayer- whichever works MALADJUSTED

The one where I talk about writing as someone that can be about nothing and doesn’t have to be for anyone. Is anybody out there? No? Well, that’s okay.
  1. Atheist Prayer; or, A Theist’s Prayer- whichever works
  2. Black Omen; Harbinger of Autumn
  3. An Annotated Gettysburg Address
  4. Art Mindset; Stretching & Exploring.
  5. Art Mindset: Connecting to the Art World


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