Let us confess our sin


None of us wants to admit our fear, our prejudice, our anxiety, our… sin. Our racism, whether latent and denied, or overt and defended as a right. The shooter in Dayton had a list of women he wanted to rape. That’s male privilege. The shooter in El Paso had a manifesto wherein he traveled 2 hours because he wanted Hispanic targets. That’s white privilege. He also had a social media banner with the president’s name made out of guns. That’s hate. So okay. We’re all innocent. We’re all exonerated. We’re all entitled to support whomever we want no matter what they incite in others or how much support they garner from other people who happen to be racist, or misogynistic, or indulgent or entitled , or selfish. And don’t bring it up because THEN you’re being too divisive, even radical. You might make people upset.


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