Sketchbook Gestures

Hoping to show #Drawing students (@bvartdogs) how to use gesture to improve figure drawing ✍️ in sketchbooks, not just large scale classroom sketches. The idea is to encourage them to use their #sketchbooks more- to draw “on the fly,” if you will. I tell them that “this is something you can do anywhere, anyWHEN, as long as you have paper and pen (or pencil ✏️).”

You don’t have to have special tools like charcoal or conté or 18”x24” newsprint- an average pen and a little 5×8 sketchbook are fine. A model is great, but unwitting strangers (or in this case a photo) are fine for practicing drawing.

Drawing isn’t a magical gift. It is a tool for thinking and communicating like reading and writing. It is therapeutic like music or exercise. Anyone can learn it. It takes practice, persistence, patience, and observation and it strengthens each of those four critical thinking skills.

To anyone who feels dumb or inadequate, I encourage you to read, write & draw. Even if you think you can’t or don’t like to. The more you do these 3 things, the easier they’ll get and the better you’ll get at them. You’ll find eventually that you’ll dislike them less. Eventually, you’ll fall in love with them. Each of them help you think, reflect, envision, & grow. You’ll feel more confident. Try making them habits. Draw every day.

Read, Write, Draw.


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