How d’ya like that?

Don’t get me wrong,

I love ya ta death

but I’m sorry

I don’t like you all that much

Oh, I wish I liked you

I’d like to like you

but I’d like it if you were more likable,

which is unlikely

I’m as likely to like you as the next guy

but that’s not all that likely either

and since it’s unlikely that your likability is likely to increase much

as long as you’re like you are

liking to tell everyone how much you dislike likable people

I’m not likely to start liking you soon

although I’d like to like you

I really would

I hate the fact that I don’t like you

but you don’t really like me all that much anyway, right

I mean, come on

how likely is that?

So, as they old timers sometimes say,

“ya just gotta use that one up like they are.”

I promise to keep loving you

loving you in spite of our mutual dislike.



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