App of ‘Common Prayer’

Tired of how the religious-right has hijacked Christianity? Want to grow in your faith? Seeking to walk in Jesus’ footsteps of compassion and social justice like Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Thomas Merton? If like me, you believe that racism, poverty and responsibility for the environment ARE Christian issues, than I want to recommend some authors (& activists) to you. Whether on twitter, Facebook or at a book store- look for Tony Campolo Sociologist at Eastern University, Jim Wallis publisher of Sojourners magazine and Shane Claiborne leader in a movement for community and simplicity.

Meanwhile, if like me, recent events have rattled you some and you want to get centered; you want to seek God daily, meditate on His Word & find ways to connect with others who’s faith isn’t based on nationalism or fear or privilege- I recommend this free app developed by Clairborne & his friends. ‘Common Prayer offers daily Scripture reading, prayer, history, devotional & ideas for social action.


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