Chiron’s Eternal Struggle

ChironOnce you realize that painting is a verb and not a noun, instead of ridiculing Pollack, you’ll want to join him
Process impacts you, then your product impacts others- in that way, it’s an on-going process, the only point of product is to feed the process. Painting is a verb not a noun. Writing is a verb, not a noun, citizenship is a responsibility & an activity not a noun.
Learning is a verb not a noun
(I know, technically it’s gerund, get off my back grammar NAZIs).
My point is, you aren’t “smart” or “dumb”- ALL of us can think.
It may be more challenging for some of us, but we all can and all SHOULD do it! AAAUUUUURGHH!!!! THINK PEOPLE! IT WONT KILL YOU! THINK!!!
End of teacher rant. Thank you for letting me vent.
I wonder if Chiron ever tired of sparring with Hercules.

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