Why, why, why?


Sad and unnerving to see neighbors flying Confederate flags today, probably in protest of So.Carolina decision. Our first amendment protects individuals’ rights to display it, this was a state government’s decision not to fly it on that government’s property. Sure, some see it as symbolic of rebelling against what they see as encroaching governmental tyranny- but let’s face it, for far more, it represents White supremacy and no matter how you try to slice it, that automatically implies racism. I can understand how those flying it today are trying to make a statement about independence and libertarianism, but what they don’t realize is that they’re unintentionally sending the message that they’re main values are anger and hatred. It also confuses me since there are maybe a whole 4 black people in our tiny town of 500+ and this is Iowa, not South Carolina and it may have been a wave of Nation-wide public opinion that added pressure to South Carolinian State legislators, but it wasn’t the Federal government that required it. Oh yeah, Iowa was a member of the Union 150 years ago, and the Union won… Anyway. Sad and scary.

Confession: I was about to post this on Facebook, but since both these rebels flying the stars & bars are only a block away on my same street- I want to keep my home and children safe. Best case scenario, they’re just coincidentally like minded Steve King fans who unfurled their rebel flags as soon as they heard about the decision on Facebook or FOX News, but I’m not convinced that the Klan is dead. Call me a coward, but anger, hate, racism and resistance are all a lot more volatile and violent than the grace, mercy, peace and diversity that I adhere to.


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