Deepish Thoughts

Here’s a variety of lame things that don’t go together and don’t constitute a whole blog entry, but that I don’t tweet or post on facebook, even thought that’s probably where they belong:

  • Today my 16 year old heard a Fleetwood Mac song on the car radio and thought Stevie Nicks was Miley Cirus. Ew.
  • Sometime last Spring a retired teacher was subbing at our school and told me that my vehicle “fit” me. That ruined my day. I drive a boring, blue late model minivan, that I pretty much got stuck with when we traded my small pickup in for my wife’s nicer, newer graphite minivan.
  • (posted on July 4) Still can’t get over that there’s history on ‪#‎HistoryChannel‬ today, I think i’ll see if there’s any music on ‪#‎MTV‬, learning on ‪#‎TLC‬!
  • My 13yr old was shocked to see in a commercial that has kids. Her: “He’s OLD!” Me: Yeah, MY age!
  • My 10yr old thought the song was “Juice Box Hero”

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