Last Week in a Lightning Round

WARNING: The following blog post contains opinions, readers may disagree and/or be offended.

The #Charlotte Church Shooting: God bless Emmanuel AME Congregation and their families. The fact that the victims welcomed that shooter into their Bible study and the fact that the victims’ family members all offered him forgiveness at his arrangement both go to show that they were filled with the Holy Spirit and Christlike in their love.

Yes, we should finally develop more effective #gun regulation legislation. Regulation is not the same as revoking your right to bare arms and by the way the 2nd Amendment does say “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being necessary for the security of a free state…” it says nothing about individual self-protection. Yes, I know he didn’t use a machine gun, just a hand gun. We have to register our vehicles, pass a test and purchase a driver’s licence, put plates on our cars and buy at least liability insurance. Background checks, registration and waiting periods are not taking away your guns.

Yes, the stars and bars (AKA #ConfederateFlag) has no business flying over state government buildings, it should come down. It does represent racism and opposition to the United States, it’s Constitution and Federalism, and it represents slavery, White supremacy, hate, and resistance to desegregation and laws meant to prevent discrimination. Yes it’s offensive. But yes, I’m aware that it’s not THE national flag of the Confederacy, because they were a confederation, rather than a single country, I know it’s a battle flag and yes, I’m aware that the Democratic party supported the Fugitive Slave Law, the Dred Scott decision, the KKK and Jim Crow laws and that it was Lincoln who issued the Emancipation Proclamation and pushed for the 13th  Amendment which was passed by a predominantly Republican Congress. Duh. None of that exonerates today’s right-wing “conservatives” from gutting the Civil Rights Act and purging voter registration rolls.

Guess what? The Affordable Care Act (AKA #ObamaCare) was based on law written by Republicans in the 1990’s who demonized Hillary Clinton’s attempt to propose better legislation. What’s more, when it was introduced in 2009 it was mostly to reduce the deficit and benefit insurance companies while coincidentally making health insurance coverage more accessible to more people who need it. It’s not Socialism nor government controlled. Get over it.

Ya know what? I’m pretty impressed with our President for speaking candidly about #racism, even if it meant invoking the N-word (in an appropriate context) and speaking about it again in his eulogy for the Reverend who was shot in Charlotte. In fact, his masterful exposition on #Grace (see also Romans 10:23-14) and his evocative singing of ‘Amazing Grace,’ a hymn written by a former slave trader cemented for me his commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, in spite of how many detractors have accused him of atheism, Islam and even being the Anti-Christ himself!

And finally, about #GayMarriage: regardless of whether or not God or the Bible permit homosexual acts, the Constitution guarantees “equal protection and due process of law” to everyone (I contend that it’s not just the 14th Amendment, but also Article III, and the First, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Amendments too). I’m sorry if you don’t like it. As long as I’m on the topic- Gays are not deliberately trying to spread debauchery or destroy sacred institutions, they just want to be treated equally and fairly. Thinking this does not make me Gay or un-Christian. I read in the Bible that the Greatest commandment after loving God with all our heart is to #love our neighbors as ourselves and Jesus also told us to “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you”- of course disagreeing with you is not a form of persecution. I’m not promoting homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, I’m just espousing American principles like equality, liberty, justice, and pluralism- I hope I’m also espousing Christian values like love, humility, justice, mercy and inclusion.

I’ll no doubt take a lot of heat for what I’ve said here, but the First Amendment protects our right to believe and communicate our opinions.  May God forgive me and correct me where I’m wrong and defend, protect and vindicate me where I’m right. Thanks for reading. Have an historic next week & God bless!


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