Humble Bravado

“The infallibility of the messenger and the message does not guys rented the infallibility of our reception. Humility is always in order.” -Dallas Willard

This is why I have such a problem with Christians so often harping on the evils of relativism. Because God may indeed have definite opinions, and insofar as it is His divinely inspired word, the Bible may indeed reveal His truth, but anyone arrogant enough to presume that they have a monopoly on correct interpretation of that truth is usually sorely mistaken. Deluded at best and a charlatan at worst.

I contend that absolutism is every it as dangerous and prone to human error and abuse as conservatives accuse relativism of being.

My confidence doesn’t come from an assumption that I’m always right. I’m bolstered rather,from the knowledge that EVERYONE else is almost always just as wrong as I usually am!

What a great feeling of freedom from the tyranny of hierarchy once you realize the truth that you don’t HAVE to always be right because you’ll never be alone in being wrong!

This viewpoint permits & promotes intellectual curiosity and healthy skepticism, egalitarianism, a deeper relationship with God (not just religious tribalism), empathy, and openness to community.

Think about it.



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