Grilled Fajitas del Mar

•3-5 filets of pollack
•1 green & 1 red bell peppers
•1 onion
•1/2 red cabbage
•1/2 each, lime & lemon
•1/2 tsp cilantro
•sprinkle with Tajin brand seasoning

Slice fruit & veggies and fold with fish into aluminum foil envelope. Grill on low for 15min, turning over half way through.

Serve with 3 six inch corn tortillas, garnish with shredded cheese & freshly sliced avocados & Roma tomatoes.

I loved it, wifed claimed to like it, teenaged daughter- not so much.

Variations/Advice after experimenting:
1) next time, I’ll skip the lemon & go with lime
2) next time I’m also going to have two packages, one with lime & fish, and the other with veggies, maybe one slice of lime.
3) next time, I’ll open the package either half way through or 2/3rds to let the fish taste more broiled rather than just poached. I liked it poached, but think that being drier may be more palatable to non-fish lovers.
4) nothing wrong with 9in flour tortillas (me, I like the corn, I think it’s more authentic, but the gringos in my family had a hard time with them.
5) chilies
6) I got the pollack on sale. Best recommendation, tilapia, but I can see pretty much any fish working well in this, from salmon to shrimp to sun fish.


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