Now’s your one chance Facebook friends (& trolls)

So earlier this summer, I started a new blog at The idea basically was to consolidate all my old blogs from Blogger, and move it to WordPress.

On the one hand, I’m a compulsive writer and just as needy and narcissistic as everyone else on the internet, I like to have an audience, rather than just writing to empty cyberspace. On the other hand, I may write things that are lousy-first-drafts, or that I don’t mean to stir up controversy with here on Facebook (where drama lives).

So- While this post is automatically being fed to facebook, after it does, I plan on changing the settings on WordPress, so that the blog won’t continue to do so from now on. It will keep posting on my twitter feed though.

Therefore, this is your one chance if you’re interested. Its certainly not a newspaper column or anything, but so far I’ve been pretty good about writing something at least a couple times a week. Give it a peek, follow or join if you like, or look me up on twitter.


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