COACHING: Pride is Job #1

I’ve been talking a lot these last few days with other teachers about what our school needs so I know we’d have a lot of allies in this; like our Student Council advisor, our NHS advisor, our head Football coach, our Guidance Counselor.

We need PRIDE.

I told my Cheer squad that I’d get them dates for Cheer Camp as soon as I can and I’ll preach to them about John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” at least once a week like I do every summer but today, the first day of Summer, I wanted them to start thinking about one thing:

School PRIDE.

Our job as a Spirit Squad is to build, encourage, inspire, & spread School PRIDE.

So all summer long, I asked them to brainstorm & germinate ways that we can create more school PRIDE.

I gave them a handful of ideas: Weekly Spirit posters? Locker Decs for clubs & orgs, not just teams? Wearing letterman jackets? Spirit awards? Notes & Thank Yous?

I told my squad that the ideas will be far more meaningful if THEY generate them, instead of just taking my suggestions.

So what does your school do to promote pride? What have you seen at other schools? How does pride influence climate & community? Does a lack of pride contribute to negative self-fulfilling-prophecy? To a sense of fatalism or nihilism? What exactly IS school pride? Is it just being positive? Is it liking your school?


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