Teachers’ Perennial Focus Dilemma

This time every year I have a  huge problem. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about revising and updating my classes for the following year.

The problem is, as important as that is, the urgent issues are grading finals, entering grades from the last few assignments, finishing the yearbook, cleaning my classrooms, producing the district newsletter and of course completing the obligatory end-of-year paperwork for administrators.

Meanwhile, on the family front, there are dance and piano recitals, softball games, yardwork, and housework- not to mention a flurry of confirmations and graduations to attend.

Of course, by the time I have time to focus on what I want to focus on, I lose focus. Then in late summer, when I should devise, revise, and plan new units and projects- I’m scurrying about getting my classroom clean, books and supplies ready and… obligatory beginning-of-the-year paperwork for administrators.

What would you rather spend your energy on this time of year?

What goals, plans, or changes would you like to make in your classes next year?


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