Spring Renewal

Each year around here (in rural Western Iowa) farmers burn their fields, removing the stubble left over from the last year’s harvest. Amazingly, sometimes within hours or at least days, bright green new growth pushes its way through the black scorched Earth and ash, confirming the power of life and renewal.

I’ve been blogging since 2002 at http://tedscolumn.blogspot.com. I like Blogger, I like that it integrates well with all things Google. I have nothing against Blogger.

However, there are two things that are undeniable. 1) Wordpress is now the “industry standard” in blogging and self publishing. 2) Rather than just maintaining one eclectic and divergent blog at blogspot, I’ve compartmentalized half a dozen different blogs over there; for writing, cartooning, faith, teaching, and photography.

These two things have been driving me crazy. So,  while I will not deactivate or dismantle all those blogs, I’d like to leave them fallow and redirect my creative and expressive urges to this new location. 

I am a teacher, a coach, an artist, a parent and poet. I am a compulsive communicator (thus all the blogging). I have a few resolutions I’m making with this new blog; to write shorter, more focused & concise entries (already having difficulty with that as you can see), to be more disciplined about posting more regularly, and to ask questions here.

I’m not famous, I’m not a professional motivational speaker or education consultant, I’m no John Green- but I have a nagging impulse to connect with other thinkers and expand my personal learning network. I hope that this will prove to be an avenue where that can happen.

What do YOU want to do with your blogging and microblogging (social networking)? What do you want to learn about this Summer? 


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